More than just a moisturiser, Rozalex XWORX literally puts the life back into your hands. It is a high quality emollient / reconditioning cream that enables the skin to replace oils and moisture lost during the working day. XWORX therefore prevents the skin from drying out and cracking while also helping damaged and cracked skin to heal. Use of XWORX greatly reduces the chances of developing dermatitis. Used after washing, it leaves the skin moisturised and supple without feeling greasy - a vital factor in industry.

Suitable for all post-work applications.



SKU Code   Product Description

800ml: Pouch for use with the Rozalex Pouch Dispensing System (PDS 800) 

2 litre:  Pouch for use with the Rozalex Pouch Dispensing System (PDS 2020)

250ml: Pump pack, ideal for personal use.

450ml: Ideal for personal use.

3 Litre: Wall mountable / dispensable using Rozalex WMB & reusable pump system

5 Litre: For use by itself or with the Rozalex Multi-purpose Dispenser.


SKU Code   Product Description

6063010      Rozalex XWORX Skin Reconditioning Cream 6 x 800ml pouch (PDS 800)

6063015      Rozalex  XWORX Skin Reconditioning Cream 6 x 2ltr pouch (PDS 2020)

6064010      Rozalex PDS 800 Dispenser

6064020    Rozalex PDS 2020 Dispenser


6063698     Rozalex XWORX Skin Reconditioning Cream 12x250ml (pump bottle)

6043696     Rozalex XWORX Skin Reconditioning Cream 6x450ml (jar)

6043692     Rozalex XWORX Skin Reconditioing Cream 6x3ltr (jar)

6043695     Rozalex XWORX Skin Reconditioning Cream  5ltr (Tub)

6064208     Rozalex Multi-purpose Dispenser


To download technical and product information, printer friendly files are available below. Simply click on the desired file and it will automatically download to your computer.

XWORX Product Information Sheet

XWORX Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)