A multi-purpose water repellent barrier cream. Previously known as "Rozalex no. 8 for wet work". Wet-Guard should be used for protection against water or water/oil mix based contaminants such as:

Neat and soluble cutting oils, dilute alkalis and acids, detergents, degreasers, bleaches, coolants, wet cements, water based inks, dyes, adhesives, fluxes, laquers, preservatives, stains, paints and water etc.

Typical Commercial Applications

Chemical handling, Painting & Decorating, Pottery,  Printing, Bakery, Brewing, Catering, Cleaning, Laundry, Nursing Homes, Building Trades, Landscaping, Farming, Veterinary, Medical, Hair Dressing, Marine, Window Cleaning, Car & Truck Washing.

Rozalex Wet-Guard can also be used under gloves to prevent hands from drying out and de-fatting.

Pack Sizes

800ml pouch:                For use with the Rozalex Pouch Dispensing System

2ltr pouch:                     For use with the Rozalex Pouch Dispensing System

250ml pump bottle        Handy and portable pump pack for individual use.

450ml tub:                    Ideal for individual use.

3 Litre:                          Wall mountable & dispensible pack.

5 Litre:                          Use by itself or with the Rozalex

                                    Multi-purpose Dispenser.


SKU Code                 Product Description 

6061020                       Rozalex Wet-Guard 6 x 800ml pouch for use with PDS 800 

6064010                       Rozalex PDS 800 Dispenser

6061025                       Rozalex Wet-Guard 6 x 2 ltr pouch for use with PDS 2020 

6064020                       Rozalex  PDS 2020 Dispenser

6043275                       Rozalex Wet-Guard Barrier Cream 12 x 250ml

6043281                       Rozalex Wet-Guard Barrier Cream 6 x 450ml

6043285                       Rozalex Wet-Guard Barrier Cream 6 x 3Ltr

6064845                       Heavy-Duty reusable lid & pump for 3 Ltr pack

6064215                       Wall Mountable Bracket for 3 Ltr pack

6043299                       Rozalex Wet-Guard Barrier Cream 5Ltr

6064208                       Rozalex Multi-purpose Dispenser


To download technical and product information, printer friendly files are available below. Simply click on the desired file and it will automatically download to your computer.

Wet-Guard Product Information Sheet

Wet-Guard Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)