Rozalex 3 Step System


For optimum protection and cleansing, Rozalex recommend that a 3 step approach is taken to occupational skin care.  Our products were developed to work as a system and are formulated to meet the specific needs of different working environments.


Step 1 - PROTECT


Barrier creams are essential for effective skincare. Applied to the skin before starting work and after breaks they form a protective layer to limit contact between the skin and harmful irritants, thus preventing the penetration of contaminants and sensitisers into the skin.  Selection of the right cream is essential.

ROZALEX Barrier Creams

  • Specialist products effective against specific irritants
  • Reinforce natural protective power of the skin without interfering with or restricting its normal functions
  • Suitable for use all over the body. e.g. face, forearms, legs and hands
  • Pleasant to use, non slippery, non greasy and cosmetically acceptable
  • Easily removable without the need for harsh scrubbing thus reducing cleansing time.