Rozalex, like many successful brands, has been traded between various companies over the years.




Rozalex products were first formulated in the 1920’s after considerable research by The Chloride Electrical Storage Co. Ltd. for use in their Exide works at Clifton Junction near Manchester. Battery manufacture was labour intensive and used hazardous materials; skin irritation and contact dermatitis was rife among its workers. Chloride began research and development of a barrier cream which could help protect workers and increase productivity. Rozalex was born.


So successful was the application of Rozalex that Chloride spun off Rozalex into a separate company; Rozalex Limited.


Newton, Chambers & Co acquired Rozalex Limited and the brand sat along other household names such as IZAL and Zalpon.


Newton, Chambers & Co was subsequently acquired by the Central & Sheerwood Trust an Investment banking and financial services group.


Central & Sheerwood Trust sold the IZAL operation which included Rozalex to Sterling Winthrop's, Sterling Industrial.


Sterling Industrial acquired the Kerodex range of industrial barrier creams and merged them into the Rozalex Range.


Unilever acquired Sterling Industrial in a strategic move to push into the Business to Business hygiene, janitorial and floor care sectors.


Unilever sold the main equity share of its Business to Business division (Lever Industrial-DiverseyLever) to SC Johnson to form JohnsonDiversey. Rozalex products were transferred as part of this deal.


JohnsonDiversey divests the Rozalex brand to Present Value Limited and Rozalex Limited is reinstated.


Present Value Limited divests the Rozalex brand to Hughen Limited.

Rozalex Limited believes in the inherent quality of its formulations and will develop the brand and its offering 'protecting' its future as well as industry's skin.

If you have worked with Rozalex in the past, please get in touch and let us know your experiences. We would value even the smallest detail.