Acquisition of Rozalex

5th December 2008
Present Value Limited

('Present Value' or 'the Company')

Inaugural Acquisition

Present Value Limited, a Business Development Company serving the needs of the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, is pleased to announce that it has acquired the rights in the UK and selected territories worldwide for Rozalex®.

Rozalex, which is a range of barrier creams, skin cleansers and reconditioning creams, is used in the workplace for the protection and cleansing of normal skin to reduce the incidence of occupational dermatitis. In 2007/08, an estimated 20,000 individuals who worked in the last 12 months suffered "skin problems" which they believed to be work-related, according to the Labour Force Survey.

The product range was acquired for an undisclosed sum from JohnsonDiversey U.K. Limited for a one-off cash consideration financed through the Company's debt facility, provided by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

Rozalex, originally developed by the Chloride company, has been supplied to British Industry for over 90 years. It has a loyal following of customers and consists of the Wet-Guard, Dri- Guard, Two Fives, Gauntlet and Lanfree brands.

The brands will be marketed by a new company, Rozalex Limited and supplied by James Briggs ITW Limited to wholesalers and distributors nationwide.

Nicholas Angel, Present Value’s joint Managing Director commented: “This first acquisition gives Present Value a significant asset to develop and will become a growth area for the Company. We continue to seek and evaluate heritage brands and to further increase our range of products”. 

Fellow Director, Andrew SM Dean commented: “Naturally, we are thrilled with this first acquisition and will strive to maintain its brand equity and continue to improve the skin care of British Industry. Despite the global banking crisis, we were supported fully throughout by HSBC who recognised the needs of small businesses and clearly understood our business model”.

Yolanda Wilcock, JohnsonDiversey’s Marketing Director commented: ‘We are confident we have found a good home for the brand and one that will invest considerable time and energy in developing the brand further”.
For further corporate information:

Present Value Limited + 44 (0) 1798 874 892

For Product related information:

Rozalex Limited + 44 (0) 1798 874 268

Nicholas Angel, Managing Director
Andrew SM Dean, Managing Director

Notes to editors

About Present Value

Present Value Limited Founded in 2007 is a business development company serving the chemical and pharmaceutical industries it was incorporated to provide acquisition and divestment expertise in due diligence brokerage and partnership. The company also consults on the commercialisation of new concepts products and technologies. Present Value has a range of valued clients in the global pharmaceuticals, biotech, corporate finance and chemical industries

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