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Rozalex launches "Rozalex BIG-4"

Rozalex would like to introduce the newest addiiton to their range of heavy-duty industrial skin cleansers. Gauntlet Citrus Trio has been developed as a general purpose cleanser suitable for a wide range of applications. It combines the most modern ingredients with a unique triple citrus fragrance giving it unrivalled performance which leaves hands clean, fresh and safe. Its solvent-free formulation coupled with the addition of natural walnut scrub ensure that all dirt is removed in a most natural way. Rozalex Gauntlet Citrus Trio is one of the new range of skin cleansers that is available as part of the Rozalex Big-4 range of extra large packs for high traffic applications. These products are proven to result in significant savings for customers - in fact Rozalex Big-4 can save you between 20-50% vs other leading 4 litre cartridge brands.


Rozalex are delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the "ROZALEX BIG-4" range of heavy-duty skin cleansers for industrial applications. The range initially consists of 4 key products that are all packaged in our new 4 litre cartridge. Available from January 2015, the four products are :

Rozalex Two Fives ISF Orange - 100% solvent-free / non-beaded / clear golden gel cleanser with a light orange fragrance. Ideal for engineering and general purpose use.

Rozalex Gauntlet Citrus Trio - 100% solvent-free / contains moisturisers & natural scrubbing agent (walnut scrub) / lotion-gel cleanser with a triple citrus fragrance. The perfect solution for regular heavy-duty skin cleansing

Rozalex Gauntlet Natural Orange - 100% solvent-free / contains polybeads / gel cleanser with an orange fragrance. Contains extra polybeads and moisturisers along with high quality surfactancts. The perfect solution for workshop and automotive use.

Rozalex Gauntlet Extra Lime - natural solvent based / contains moisturisers, esters, polybeads and pumice / lotion-gel cleanser with a lime fragrance. The perfect solution for extra heavy-duty applications where oil, grease, inks and paints are abundant.


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