Used in industry for over 80 years. For those of you who remember, this used to be called Rozalex No.1.

Dri-Guard is an application specific barrier cream for protection against dry, oil or solvent based materials such as:

Mineral Oils, dust, grease, factory grime, cements, hydrocarbon solvents, solvent or oil based adhesives, laquers, varnishes, rubber, diesel oils, dyes, stains, lubricating compounds, printing inks, polishes, paints, bitumens etc.

Typical Commercial Applications:

Manufacturing plants, Light engineering operations, Oil & Gas, Automotive repairs & Petrol stations, Ship building, Civil engineering, Printing, Welding, Building trades, Painting & Decorating etc.

Pack Sizes:

800ml pouch:  For use with the Rozalex Pouch Dispensing System

2 ltr pouch:      For use with the Rozalex Pouch Dispensing System

250ml:            Handy pump bottle for individual usage

450ml tub:      Ideal for individual usage

3 litre:             Use on its own or wall mount with dispensing pump

5 Litre:            Use on its own or with Rozalex Multi-purpose Dispenser

15 Litre:          Use on its own or with Rozalex Multi-purpose Dispenser


SKU Code        Product Description 

6061010            Rozalex Dri-Guard 6 x 800ml pouch for use with PDS 800 

6064010            Rozalex PDS 800 Dispenser

6061015            Rozalex Dri-Guard 6 x 2 ltr pouch for use with PDS 2020 

6064020            Rozalex PDS 2020 Dispenser

6043122            Rozalex Dri-Guard "easy-pump" Barrier Cream 12 x 250ml (pump)

6043156            Rozalex Dri-Guard "easy pump" Barrier Cream 6 x 3 Ltr (jar)

6064845            Heavy-Duty reusable lid & pump for 3 Ltr pack 

6064215            Wall Mountable Bracket for 3 Ltr pack

6043125            Rozalex Dri-Guard Original Barrier Cream 6 x 450ml (tub)

6043158            Rozalex Dri-Guard Original Barrier Cream 5Ltr (tub)

6043174            Rozalex Dri-Guard Original Barrier Cream 15Ltr (tub)

6064208            Rozalex Multi-purpose Dispenser 



To download technical and product information, printer friendly files are available below. Simply click on the desired file and it will automatically download to your computer.

Dri-Guard Product Information Sheet

Dri-Guard Easy Pump Product Information Sheet

Dri-Guard Material Safety Data Sheet